MEDIROM's Studio

Top-class health management quality and customer satisfaction

The MEDIROM group's studios are aimed at health management rather than just temporary relief. For this reason, we were quick to adopt stretching techniques that improve the quality of muscles themselves and expand the range of motion in joints.

Not limited to only techniques, we also support customers in order to make them conscious of their own health in their daily lives even when not visiting our stores, by having our CLPs (therapists who have learned specialized knowledge and hospitality) share care techniques that have been tailored to each customer. "Re.Ra.Ku" is conducting health management through both medical treatment and communication.
In recent years, we have been recognized for our top-class quality and customer satisfaction by winning numerous awards from various facilities and contests, and we are using our track record to expand the number of our stores.

Our main brand "Re.Ra.Ku" is a relaxation studio that is centered around the Kanto region, and it is No.1 in Tokyo in terms of store numbers. With a focus on Re.Ra.Ku's original "shoulder blade stretch" method, which alleviates fatigue in the neck, shoulders, and back by softening the muscles without straining them, we help condition the body to be less prone to fatigue.
Store interiors are in the brand's color of green to create a space full of brightness, cleanliness, and health.