Re.Ra.Ku College

is an educational institution
that cultivates attractive talent

Re.Ra.Ku College has an environment in which franchise owners, CLPs (therapists),
employees at headquarters, and anyone connected to MEDIROM can receive training, and we have trained more than 4,000 CLPs (therapists) thus far. By providing a place to learn continuously and offering more than 120 highly precise curriculums with in-depth content, we aim to enhance fundamental human capabilities in addition to improving techniques, treatments, and knowledge.

Five characteristics in which Re.Ra.Ku College takes great pride

  1. A ratio of 60 beds to a roughly 858m² facility
  2. Trained over 4,000 CLPs (therapists) thus far
  3. We provide over 120 in-depth curriculums that
    range from techniques to management
  4. The development of hybrid training that uses
    online videos and live demonstrations
  5. Professional lecturers that specialize
    in each area of expertise

The director of Re.Ra.Ku College - Keiji Masuda

After studying at a physical education university and specialized school, he worked as a masseur and acupuncturist while also working on the side as a sports trainer for a high school soccer team, which he helped get through to the national championships for two consecutive years.
After working as a Re.Ra.Ku College lecturer, he was made director in 2015 and continues to instruct many students on a daily basis.

As a leading company, protect our employees and provide high quality services

While many companies in the relaxation industry employ their store staff through unstable outsourcing agreements, the MEDIROM group’s studios employ CLPs (therapists) and are creating jobs with full welfare benefits and social insurance systems. We are focused on creating a stable, long-term work environment through steps such as providing opportunities for continued learning and setting up career track systems. We provide high quality services by employing highly skilled therapists in the long term.


No.1 job creator in the industry for 3 consecutive years

We received awards for three consecutive years for "job creation" in the job creation rankings hosted by Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC.
We are continuing to maintain our place as the No.1 job creator in the relaxation industry.


Reliable techniques that boast zero serious treatment incidents

Every year at MEDIROM, we have an in-house "Championship" contest where therapists compete to see who has the best techniques and hospitality skills. Each competition event is judged based on evaluation criteria established by Re.Ra.Ku College. More than 1,000 CLPs (therapists) from all the MEDIROM group stores compete in elimination rounds to determine the medalists.

The MEDIROM group's therapists who apply themselves diligently every day in this kind of environment are capable of providing services that boast 0 serious treatment incidents.


Winning awards every year! Hospitality that is representative of the entire country

At the Relaxation Contest Japan where relaxation stores and therapists gather from all over the country, there are award winners from the MEDIROM group every year. In addition, we have won distinguished awards for all our facilities and in various categories.