Business Overview

Healthcare Research


We put to use a health care database for the people, cultivated through our management of Re.Ra.Ku, and provide support that leverages research in preventative medicine, as well as our network of doctors and specialists.

Predisease research support・Healthcare coordination

By operating studios, we utilize our healthcare database (DB) on Japanese customers, that we have accumulated over the years. Using our neutral position in close proximity to our customers, we carry out research support activities ranging from research to on-site (clinical) promotional marketing.

a program to fundamentally improve bodily constitution under medical supervisionand a countermeasure to lifestyle diseases and obesity

Dedicated advisors monitor reports from wearable activity meters, photographs, and messages, and provide follow-up support for daily lifestyle management. There are dozens of methods that can be used to start improving one's bodily constitution without difficulty.

Eating habits, sleep quality, and physical activity levels are adjusted to the extent possible, and coaching methods to help users stay on course lead to behavioral changes.

Akira Aoki

Supervising doctorAkira Aoki

  • Former associate professor of aging control medicine at
    Juntendo University’s Graduate School of Medicine
  • Director of the Kibokai Yokohama Clinic
  • Head of the department of internal medicine at the Yushikai Group’s Rara Clinic
  • Executive director of the Japanese Society of Medical Health Science
  • Counselor to the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Senior wine expert certified by the Japan Sommelier Association