Business Overview

Health Tech


Achieve a double platform that utilizes both "real" and "digital,"
Create a next-generation medical platform

DOUBLE PLATFORM Then move on to the next stage with this double platform

Shinpei Maruyama

CTO Shinpei Maruyama

By contributions to technical journals and lectures, we even attract engineers from outside the company.

As the CTO, build the health tech team and create digital health support.

Gathering data
with iPads at studios

iPads have been introduced at all MEDIROM group studios to gather data such as customers' health information.

Utilizing this database, we are working on promoting people's health.

Gathering data with iPads at studios

Record sleep quality and
amount of physical activity

“Medites,” a program application for improving one’s physical condition that was developed under the supervision of doctors.

Used in conjunction with a wearable device, the application enables users to manage log data on things such as sleep quality and amount of physical activity.

(April 2017 Release)

Everything you need to know about diet! A website of collective know-how

"Dr. Diet" is a media website specializing in diet know-how that is a collection of diet information.

Obesity is said to be the cause of all kinds of diseases, and it is currently a serious health problem. Therefore, this website shares dieting information with the goal of promoting health.