Corporate Philosophy



Aspire to be the person you are destined to become

Our credo is our behavioral guideline and our moral compass, allowing Re.Ra.Ku to grow.
Employees carry the credo card as a badge of honor and as a constant reminder of the
importance of happiness in their life.
With love and compassion towards one another a healthier society is possible.

"For you" - Mind

  • I understand and appreciate other’s feelings
  • I act with passion toward those close to me by invisioning a smile on their face.
  • I think about what makes those around me happy.
  • I encourage people with a smile.
  • My team’s goals are my highest priority.

Professional Mind

  • My reaction to change is with humility and a positive attitude.
  • I accomplish my tasks quickly and effectively.
  • I take initiatives and act on another‘s behalf.
  • My appearance and my personal surroundings are always neat and well kept.
  • I maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Human Mind

  • I greet people cheerfully and emphatically.
  • I always show my gratitude when I receive help from others.
  • If I hurt someone I will apologize with humility.
  • I listen to others, accept their point of view, and modestly express my own.