Corporate Philosophy


Our Corporate Vision

Since its establishment, MEDIROM's objective has been to become a 'health care general trading company' that is capable of providing integrated services ranging from the field of disease prevention to medical treatment.

The medical and healthcare sectors are business domains that are drawing a lot of attention as growth industries. In Japan, with ever increasing medical expenses due to advanced aging, long life spans and record patient intakes, the national medical insurance system is overburdened and unlikely in its current state to meet future obligations.
The ¥45 trillion market, including disease prevention and health checkups, is expected to provide new business opportunities as the market is deregulated further in the natural course of events.

Developed countries are facing the aging population problem, and the market for medical and healthcare related services is continuing to expand. (E.g. IT for medical tech/healthcare, medical infrastructure in developing countries)

Backed by the stable revenue foundation of franchise salons and multi decade brand strength, MEDIROM is currently investing in its medical media and healthcare research segments to achieve industry leading growth rates and margins.

This marks an exciting new roadmap for the business as it consolidates domestically in Japan, rolls out value accretive tech segments and lead operations overseas.

1st establishment period
MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. founded
Re. Ra.Ku launched
Established the industry's first education and training institution
RealMedia project started
Achieved 100 group salons
2nd establishment period
Healthtech project started
Achieved the largest number of stores in the industry in Tokyo metropolis
Healthcare research projects started
3rd establishment period
Healthcare Coordination Lab (TM) started
Achieve the largest number of stores in the industry in Kanto region
Overseas expansion


Philosophy is the spirit upon which our company is based

Love, trust, and justice


Our ideals are the reason MEDIROM exists in this world and our purpose

Cultivate lovable and appealing personnel

Business Goals

Our goals are project milestones for achieving our ideals

To build a general healthcare trading company
To upscale healthcare research projects and construct medical media
To achieve the highest number of stores in the industry in Kanto


To cultivate lovable, attractive personnel

CEO Kouji Eguchi

Kouji Eguchi founded MEDIROM and has served as our Chief Executive Officer and as the representative director since our inception.
Prior to founding MEDIROM, he served as a head of internet division at Carchs Co., Ltd (formerly Jack Holding Co., Ltd.) from 1998 to 1999,
and as a board member at a subsidiary of Jack Holding Co., Ltd. from 1998 to 2002.
He has also served as a director of the Association of Japan Relaxation Industry since 2010
and as a director of the Japan Agriculture Kabushiki Kaisha since 2019.
He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science and Technology from Tokai University.

Through our work, we learn love and compassion, and continuously refine our inner selves through daily practice. We will continue to give our love to our families, employees, loved ones, customers, business partners, and the people we interact with in society.

We know that there are times when the love we give is not always given directly back to us, yet we understand that it is our mission to give love nevertheless. As the scope and scale of our activities spread, we will continue to hope for the realization of a society that overflows with love and compassion.